• Even only ONE very small bad debt can COST YOU a lot.  Financially and...........

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  • Enterprise House, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland
  • DebtManEire@gmail.com
  • I started an Irish Debt Collection Agency from scratch, I developed and grew it to appearing as number one in several Google searches, and I then successfully managed it, for a period of well over twenty years.

    I developed and then implemented standards which remain to this day far in excess of those demanded by many countries’ Fair Debt Collection Practice Acts, and I was a proud Founding Partner of Australian-headquartered

  • Global Credit Solutions (a worldwide partnership of Debt Collection Agencies with Partners in over 80 countries collecting in over 100 countries).   I helped to both develop and write mandatory worldwide GCS policy, and I presented to FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Agencies) in several European cities on areas of common interest.

    I have been on the receiving end of repetitive threats of legal proceedings, adverse publicity, and even threats of physical harm to both me and my family.   But I have also received calls from small business clients, in particular, to express sincere gratitude for my collecting their overdue accounts and thus keeping their doors open or averting otherwise unavoidable layoffs of their staff.   And the odd word of thanks from debtors who genuinely appreciated my empathy and professionalism.

  • We lost our small family-owned business in 2011 in a truly perfect storm of :

    1. Even long-established and thus highly-trusted Clients suddenly closing down;
    2. Clients using monies collected by us to pay staff wages rather than our invoices;
    3. Clients taken over by companies (often foreign-based) with alternative collection arrangements (which often later proved less than successful) ;
    4. Debtors who genuinely had NO ability to ever pay their debts and thus no fear whatsoever of any legal consequences.

    Add in Courts which were totally overcome with huge volumes of extremely high-face-value cases and you may begin to understand why many collection agencies like ours went out of business.   And, when our private limited company was eventually and very reluctantly liquidated, our Kelly Family was THE single largest creditor, and was owed more than ALL of the other creditors combined.