• Just ONE very small Bad Debt will COST YOU a lot.  Financially and .........

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  • Enterprise House, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, IRELAND
  • DebtManEire@gmail.com
  • We COLLECT Overdue Accounts.

    In all 32 counties on the island of IRELAND. And throughout practically the whole world. Preventative training to minimise Bad Debts is also available on YOUR premises at surprisingly affordable rates

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    Remove the COVID threat to YOUR survival

    Even COVID is not preventing us from collecting overdue accounts for often small businesses that need THEIR funds to ensure THEIR survival. And the survival of THEIR employees' jobs


    Experienced Credit Risk Professional

    Anthony M Kelly has decades of Experience of both Credit Control and Debt Collection. He founded, and subsequently grew, an Irish Debt Collection Agency. And he has collected millions

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  • KCS is a Founder Members of Ireland's

    Receivables Management Services Association


    I have collected many millions of euros, from several tens of thousands of debtors (both corporate and personal), located all over the whole island of Ireland


    I have collected Sterling, US Dollars, and many other currencies. From multi-national companies, state and semi-state bodies, and businesses of all types and sizes in all kinds of locations.


    Just a very few examples of the often extremely expensive outcomes experienced by creditors who did NOT enjoy our advice and assistance.

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  • DEBT COLLECTION, Overdue Accounts recovery, site visits, investigations.

    Real-life experience, and extensive network of contacts (both Irish and international) of a genuinely dedicated credit risk management professional. Somebody who has collected MILLIONS and been involved in hundreds of successful legal actions.
    Anthony Kelly has more than 25 years experience of Irish and International Credit Control and Debt Collection. He founded, grew, and then managed a highly-regarded Debt Collection Agency with hundreds of satisfied clients both in Ireland and many other countries worldwide.

    • Avoid being taken to the cleaners by “Professional” Debtors.
    • Get the benefit of our knowledge of Irish debtors who might be best avoided.
    • Minimise BAD DEBTS by both value and number, thus MAXIMISING profits.
    • Minimise Legal Costs by avoiding uneconomical or unwarranted Legal Actions.
    • Access reduced Commission Rates on collections.
    • Deal with important issues in relation to the Statute of Limitations.
    • Find out why you should never sue anybody for €76,000.
    • Make sensible decisions on recoverability or otherwise of potentially bad debts.
    • Avoid making often very costly mistakes in handling your collections.
  • Expensive Experiences

  • An Irish business, with some 100 branches nationwide, used an expensive Commission Only collection service for many years. Until we conclusively proved to them that a customised (part flat fee, part commission) collection service worked out very much cheaper, whilst remaining just as effective.

  • A Brazilian client supplied well over €500,000 of their goods to an impressive-sounding address in rural Ireland – we visited the site and quite quickly established that the firm had never been at all creditworthy. Thus saving our new client from losing more goods, or wasting even more of their money on doomed-to-fail legal action.

  • A supplier of foodstuffs in Tipperary effectively wrote off their €7,000+ debt just by responding to a seemingly very innocent letter from their hotel debtors’ accountants – we changed their perceptions and procedures and ensured that this expensive (and totally avoidable) mistake would never be repeated.

  • Site/Field visits to fully check out ANY address ANYWHERE on the island of Ireland

  • We can evaluate YOUR Debtor Ledger for known risks or potential costly issues

  • Train ALL of YOUR credit-concerned staff without them ever leaving your premises

  • Debt Collection Agency sourcing and/or selection IF desired

  • DCA ongoing monitoring and management IF desired.

  • Personal visits by AMK himself for an in-depth meeting with you ANYWHERE