• Even only ONE very small bad debt can COST YOU a lot.  Financially and...........

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  • Enterprise House, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, Ireland
  • DebtManEire@gmail.com
  • We collect in just about every country WorldWide, on behalf of clients in just about every county in Ireland. And some from other countries themselves.

    And we do so, just as we do in Ireland itself, at pre-agreed rates of Commission payable ONLY on successful outcomes. 

    NO COLLECTION really does mean NO FEE  with our services (domestic and International) and there will NEVER be any charge which has not been fully agreed in advance.

    We collect using the unique network of International contacts built up over many years of collecting all over the world.

    As a founding member of Global Credit Solutions, which was headquartered in Australia but had partner agents in over 80 countries collecting in well over 100 countries worldwide, I was proud to contribute extensively to the growth and development of the GCS family, until the recession forced me to resign in the best interests of the Group.

    GCS Worldwide partners and their guests met once every year in destinations all around the world where candidates attending enjoyed informative presentations on subjects of mutual interest, whilst taking the opportunity to socialise together and build better business (and personal) bonds with each other.   Trust is often built socially rather than exclusively in the boardroom.

    GCS Europe met either once or twice a year in cities all over Europe for the exact same purposes.  I was an extremely regular attender at both GCS WorldWide AND GCS Europe conferences.

    Thus my network of trusted overseas agents is truly extensive and we have successfully completed cases with many partners in many countries WorldWide over the years.