• Even only ONE very small bad debt can COST YOU a lot.  Financially and...........

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  • About Anthony M Kelly

  • I have collected many millions of euros, from tens of thousands of debtors (both corporate and personal), located all over the whole island of Ireland, on behalf of thousands of clients from every county in Ireland.   And indeed, many clients from numerous countries worldwide.

    I have also collected Sterling, US Dollars, and many other currencies from debtors all around the world.

    I have collected from massive multi-national companies, state and semi-state bodies, businesses as small as one-man-bands, politicians (including one who later became a Minister), solicitors, accountants, architects, dentists, and just about any other professional of whom you can think.

  • I have collected in many jurisdictions and currencies. I have been involved in thousands of sets of legal proceedings. I have collected for many thousands of businesses of all sizes from large multi-nationals right down to one-man-bands. I have worked in differing sectors and areas of economic activity far too numerous to list. I have worked with solicitors and barristers, liquidators, accountants, and many other national and international debt collection agencies.

    I have learned something worthwhile from just about every single one of them.  And ALL of that knowledge and expertise I am now placing at YOUR disposal.   Along with my total integrity, loyalty, confidentiality, and some extremely important guarantees which you possibly do not even realise you need.

     Don't forget we collect small debts, and small numbers of debts, for small (and large) businesses countrywide